Michael Scherotter’s Visual Resume


Summary descriptions of the items in Michael Scherotter’s visual resume (in alphabetical order).

3D Printer Drivers

I worked with 3D printer manufacturers Dremel, Ultimaker, BeeVeryCreative, and FlashForge to write plug-and-play drivers in C++ for Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Bachelors of Architecture

University of Arizona, 1988-1993.


Charette, a term for meaning a quick design process in architecture, was the name that I gave my Bachelors of Architecture thesis project at the University of Arizona, a pen-based digital architectural design tool. I did this prototyping with a Grid Convertible in 1993 using Asymetrix ToolBook. Doing this non-traditional project inspired me to go to graduate school to combine architecture and computing, to learn how to build real software applications for architecture.

Thesis Advisor: Charles Albanese FAIA

Charette Font

This is a typeface that I created based on the architectural lettering style I learned in architecture school. I created it with the My Font tool in 2006.

Connected Media Experience

Windows 8 store in C#, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, for the packaging format.

Creative Experience Engineer, Microsoft 2007-2020

I explained, demonstrated, & evangelized Microsoft’s developer platform and cloud technologies to companies in media & entertainment. As the technical lead for the Adobe partnership, I focused on integrating Adobe’s clouds with Microsoft’s platforms culminating with Adobe becoming partner of the year in 2020.

Hebru Brantley Solus

I built the interactivity and navigation UI for the Hebru Brantley Solus art exhibition for Phillips Auctioneers in 2021.

Kinect Extensions for SmallBasic

I built an extension for the Microsoft SmallBasic programming IDE for the Kinect Sensor, enabling kids to program in BASIC with the sensor.

Lead Software Architect, Tartus, 1995-2002

I designed, engineered, and managed the software development of BC Framer, a custom CAD application for engineered wood products in C++ and Open Inventor for Boise Cascade’s engineered wood products through 6 annual releases. BC Framer was used in lumber yards to lay out floor and roof systems using Boise Cascade’s engineered wood products, I-Joists and LVL beams.

Master or Architecture

University of California, Los Angeles, 1993-1995. Focus on design tool development. While at UCLA, I had a work-study job at the Medical Center Computing Services doing IT support. Because of my past experience with pen computing during my bachelor’s degree at the University of Arizona, the head of the organization, let me use a new pen computer that the organization was testing, the Compaq Concerto. I used this device to both test scenarios for physician note taking and for my master’s program where I focused on creating design tools.


MeshDesigner was my Master of Architecture thesis project at the University of California Los Angeles. It was a free-form quadrilateral mesh design tool built in OpenGL and C++ on Windows NT.

Thesis advisor: Chuck Eastman

Microsoft Platinum Club

⭐ I received the Platinum Club Award in 2018 from Microsoft’s senior leadership for my commitment to customer and partner success as the technical lead for the Adobe partnership.

NBCU Cloud-scaled NDI Router

🔀 TPM for Cloud-scaled NDI router for NBCU Virtual Production Control Room, improving scaling flexibility and resilience on Azure.

PWC Data Platform

📊 TPM for PWC Data Platform Modernization project, consolidating and standardizing data pipelines using Azure Data Factory to improve maintenance and scalability of data services used by consultants.

Silverlight Media Player Accessibility

I added FCC-mandated accessibility customization UI to the Silverlight Media Player platform used to deliver HD-quality media playback experiences. Coding in Silverlight with C# and XAML, the framework was used by numerous media partners for consumer content.

Software Development Manager, Mindjet, 2003

I managed a 13-person software development team of designers, developers, and testers for the MindManager Tablet PC version and MindManager X5 mind mapping application.

Solution Platform Product Manager, Mindjet, 2003-2007

I developed prototypes, proof-of-concepts & application extensions in order to demonstrate integration possibilities and build partnerships with companies like Microsoft, SAP, & Salesforce.com showcasing it through the Mindjet Labs site which I also designed and built.


10,665 Reputation on StackOverflow from answering programming questions.

Technical Program Manager, Microsoft 2020-2023

I led co-engineering projects with Microsoft customers and partners in media and communications to help them build creation, production, distribution, and monetization solutions. 

Virtual Flight Sketching

Isolating during the pandemic, Microsoft Flight Simulator came out with beautiful imagery that let me fly to faraway lands and use my artistic skills.

Universal Pictures AssetFlow

🎬 TPM for NBCU AssetFlow, an asset management application for visual effects assets supporting film productions, built to decrease time and effort to ingest, upload, search, and deliver VFX assets to vendors.