Handmade journal made by Iona Handcrafted books. All sketches and entries in the journal were done on-site during the safari. You can find handmade journals like this online at Freya Design.

Unless otherwise noted, all sketches copyright © 2001 Michael S. Scherotter


All photographs taken with Canon EOS Elan 7e 35mm camera with Canon USM 28-90mm and 100-300mm lenses using Fuji Press 800 color negative film. Images were developed using Kodak processing and transferred to Kodak Photo CD.

Digital images manipulated with Adobe Photoshop LE.

Unless otherwise noted, all photographs copyrignt © 2001 Michael S. Scherotter.


Daily synopsis (in blue) copyright © 2001 Michael Ellis and Footloose Forays

Scanned images of "Animal Cards" that I still have from my childhood are copyright © 1975 Leisure Arts, London.


Sounds recorded on-site with a Panasonic RQ-L30 Portable Casette Recorder. Sounds copyright © 2001 Michael S. Scherotter.


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