24 February 2001

AHHHH do we have to leave?? Our last day in Africa, the beginning of a very long travel day that will end tomorrow. Hashim, Hunter, Zack, Susan and I are off at 8. You all thank Jeannette for all her work and give her tip and say goodbye to her, David and Gibbs and leave at 8:30ish. Stop at the tee shirt shack.

The President of Tanzania and the IMF and WB guys are heading our way.. We finally hit pavement after those10 days we promised. No twigas but there are some zebras.


Some shopping at the Old something or other. Back to Arusha to our day rooms at the Impala. Lunch and Tangawizi. We officially thank Nasibu and the drivers. Others go shopping at a store downtown that I recommended and get some goodies. We rest relax read shop shower. We load at 530 and then we're off to Kilamanjaro International Airport. Kili is fully visible. photo op. Plenty of time to wait but we have our boarding passes. Lisa does some more shopping. We fly back to Amsterdam late after brief stop in Dar (the worst part of the trip)… and then on to the USA and home, oh so sweet, home. Mike and Gigi stay in Amsterdam. Susan is in South Africa. Thanks that was a good safari