9 February 2001

Take that malaria pill! Start those dreams aworkin'. We get to the airport and after we get through security, we have a very brief orientation and meet each other. Gigi's bag is in some other place, hopefully either in Arusha or on the way. We depart an hour late; they don't have enough baggage handlers to load the plane. I volunteer . Tanzania is 2hrs. later. Great easy flight w/ great views of the Alps and Lake Geneva.

Sunset over the Sahara, wow pink dunes.

Arrive Arusha right on schedule at 9:40PM, 78 temp. Strong pleasant wind and wonderful exotic African night odors. Yellow winged bats catching moths around runway lights. Met by Nasibu and the gang, loaded onto our land rovers and off we go to Momela Lodge along a very bumpy road (get used to it!) arrive 1200 check in and then into our rooms. We saw dikdik, bushbuck and giraffe (AKA twigas) that will see everyday for the next 13. . Moonlight lighting Kili and Mt Meru. Can see the Southern Cross, Jupiter, Saturn and the Pleides. Whew, we are here. To bed. Long day.


Flying over the Sahara Desert from Amsterdam to Kilimanjaro Airport in Tanzania


Liz in our room at the Momella Lodge